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  • If you buy your seedlings right out of the greenhouse, you should give them a few days to "harden off". Place them in a sunny, outdoor location (unless they are shade plants like begonias, impatiens, coleus, etc.) and keep them watered but not soggy. A protected spot is best, if the days are windy. After 2 - 3 days the seedlings will be noticeably tougher and not as tender. Then they are ready to go in the ground.

  • If your seedlings are growing in a "common pack," where all the roots grow together, use a long sharp knife to cut the root mass into cubes.

  • Generally, it is best not to bury seedlings much deeper than they were growing in the pack, (exception: tall, leggy tomatoes can be buried diagonally up to the first leaf.)

  • Prepare the soil well. Mix manure or peat moss into the soil before transplanting. Lime the soil at 1 cup/square yard.

  • Water in your seedlings very thoroughly at transplanting time. Use a "starter solution" of soluable fertilizer (Rapid Grow or the like) at 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. If the soil or the air is cold, use lukewarm water.

  • Keep the seedlings watered, but not soggy, for the first week while their roots are getting established, then check 1 - 2 times a week for additional watering.

  • Feed your bedding plants every 10-14 days as above, for top performance.

Thank you for supporting Maine horticulture. Call or drop by your Mid-Maine Greenhouse Growers Association Member if you have any further questions.

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