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New Guinea impatiens have large flowers with distinctive leaf colors. Native to the tropics, they require special care to maintain their beauty and viability in our northern climate.

  • New Guinea impatiens do not like cold temperatures. If night temperatures are going to be below 50°F, baskets should be brought inside. Potted plants should not be planted out before June 1, and only when the long range forecast is for seasonably mild temperatures.

  • Water thoroughly when the soil begins to look dry. Whenever possible, morning waterings are preferable. During warm weather it is desirable to water potted or hanging plants until some water comes out of the bottom of the pot. If your basket goes completely dry, it may be necessary to rewet by soaking in a basin of water for 1-2 hours. During warm weather fertilize weekly with a water soluble fertilizer (Miracle Grow or similar) at half the recommended strength.

  • Individual potted plants should be planted in well drained soil and watered in initially with clear water. They require up to two weeks to "root out," so care must be taken to keep them moist during this period, whether planted in containers or in the ground.

  • Half a day of sun is best: less will reduce flowering, more will mean increased watering for you. Avoid hot afternoon sun locations, if possible.

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