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Plants in hanging baskets need a little extra attention to remain healthy and beautiful. Here are some easy tips to help you.

  • Where to hang your basket: Be sure you know if the plant you have chosen is for full sun, partial sun/shade or full shade. Ask your grower if you are in doubt. Avoid windy locations or bring plants in on windy days. Bring plants in on nights when frost is predicted.

  • Learn your plants water needs: Check soil moisture daily, either by lifting the pot to see how heavy it is or by feeling the soil for moistness. Don't water so much that the soil gets soggy. Try not to let the soil go bone dry between waterings. Watch your plants to see that they are not wilting. Some plants drink more than others, especially on hot windy days.

  • Feeding: Once every 10-14 days it is a good idea to feed your hanging baskets. Use any soluble plant food (Rapid Grow, Hyponex, Miracle Grow, Peters). Mix a table-spoon per gallon and water each basket generously, avoid splashing the leaves.

  • Pinching and Deadheading: Remove all blossoms when they have gone by, except on very small flowered plants (lobelia, for instance) where this is not practical. Never let your hanging baskets go to seed. If plants become leggy, pinch or prune back the longest shoots to promote branching. Fast growing plants like petunias can be severely pruned back and regrown to bloom again in two weeks or so.

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