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Congratulations on your selection of a fuchsia hanging basket! Maine's summer climate is ideally suited to these charming plants, native to Patagonia. Please follow these simple guidelines to insure maximum satisfaction.
  • Temperature: Acclimate your fuchsia to the outdoors hanging it out when day temps, are 50°F and night temps, not below 40°F. Once acclimated (after a week or so) your fuchsia can stand cooler night temps., but never below 32°F. Fuchsias don't make good indoor plants, but when necessary, be sure to give them plenty of sun in a room not over 70°F.

  • Light: Avoid the extremes. No hot afternoon sun and no dense shade. East or north (if bright) side of house is probably best. South or west sides O.K. if trees provide a break from the hottest sun.

  • Water: Fuchsias are heavy drinkers. A daily thorough watering is required on all but the cloudiest days. Hot days may require two waterings. If the root ball goes seriously dry, soak the pot in a basin of water for an hour or two to re-wet.

  • Feeding: Miracle Grow or other soluble plant food is fine for fuchsias. Use half strength (1/2 T/gal.) once a week, being sure to apply enough so that at least a cup of liquid leaches from bottom of the pot.

  • Grooming: Remove yellow leaves, spent blossoms and any fruits (berry like growths) that form. If the plant stops blooming and puts on excessive green growth, pinch all the branch tips to induce flowering.

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