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Photo Gallery

Photos from in and around the greenhouses of our members.
More photos on the Find a Greenhouse page.
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Outdoor PlantingsHanging Baskets and Planters
Greenhouses Inside and OutFlowers Close-up

Outdoor Plantings

Flower bed at Longfellow's Greenhouses.

Hydrangea, Robin's Flower Pot, Farmington.

A bed of Iris Creek Greenhouse's Lemon Pop Irises—they have a lemon scent to them. We thin out the beds and have different varieties for sale as rhizomes or pick a clump from the beds.

Two mixed beds of Irises at Iris Creek Greenhouse.

Mixed beds at Salt Farm Flowers.

Tree peony. Slow-growing shrub to 4' tall by 6' wide, with up to 200 blossoms when mature. Each bloom is 8-10" across.

Display garden with cosmos, Proven Winner surfinia and Proven Winner thunbergia, from Porter's Farm & Greenhouse.

Hanging Baskets, Containers & Planters

Close up of mixed hanging basket, Rideout Gardens.

Sue from Corriveau's Hilltop Blossoms says: "This is a large 16 or 18" moss hanging basket with pink mini cascade ivy geraniums, callibrachoa Million Bells and vinca vine."

A window box with yellow biden, sofie cascade ivy geraniums, red varigated zonal geraniums and rubrum grass, from Corriveau's Hilltop Blossoms.

Heather from Orient Gardens says: "The greenhouse is such a happy environment to work in that I like to promote fun with flowers. I was being a little goofy a few years ago when we took this picture. I hope you enjoy it."

Hanging basket of Purple Wave and White Verbena, from Kinney's Flowers Westfield Maine.

Shade arrangement. Clockwise from top: coleus, coleus, lamium, begonias.

Shade arrangement. Clockwise from upper left: coleus, coleus, lamium, begonia.

Wall hangers in main greenhouse photo in spring, Rideout Gardens.

Hanging petunia baskets in Pelletier's Greenhouse.

Succulents in a hypertufa planter at Everlasting Farm.

Freshly planted succulent troughs at Everlasting Farm.

Freshly planted succulent troughs at Everlasting Farm.

Hanging basket of red impatiens from Porter's Farm & Greenhouse.

Planters with geraniums, dracena and ivy, ready to go, from Porter's Farm & Greenhouse.

Planter with geraniums, dracena and nierembergia, from Porter's Farm & Greenhouse.

Greenhouses Inside and Out

Entwood Bonsai's tropical bonsai greenhouse and temperate outdoor display area immediately after one of our central Maine January snowstorms.

The inside of our tropical bonsai greenhouse on the same day. Warm, beautiful and happy bonsai in the midst of a Maine winter.

Kirby Ellis's new greenhouse under construction in September, 2007.

Kirby Ellis's new greenhouse, completed less than two weeks later.

Marigolds in one of Longfellow's greenhouses.

Begonia benches at the Moose Crossing Garden Center.

Perennial house photo, June 2008, Rideout Gardens.

Picking spinach for the farmers' market in late April in one of Snakeroot Organic Farm's six greenhouses. Although some greenhouse space is dedicated to producing garden seedlings and perennials, most of the greenhouses are dedicated to season extension for vegetables.

Trellised cherry tomatoes in greenhouse 5 at Snakeroot Organic Farm.

A benchful of Coleus at Everlasting Farm.

Part of the huge perennial selection at Porter's Farm & Greenhouse.

Porter's Farm & Greenhouse delivery and farmers' market truck.

Rachael filling trays at Country Junction.

Tiffany transplanting. At Country Junction, it really is a family business.

Flowers Close-up


Butterfly among impatiens.

New Guinea impatiens blossom, from Ellis' Greenhouse.

Pollen on a lily.

Close up of Salpiglossis, annual from Rideout Gardens.

Lillies from Longfellows.

Hibiscus from Longfellows.

Lisianthus heading for a summer wedding, from Black Eyed Susan's Greenhouse.

Ipomea acuminata "Killer Morning Glory", from Everlasting Farm.

Passion Flower Passiflora caerulea, from Everlasting Farm.

Angels' Trumpet Brugmansia sp., from Everlasting Farm.

Upright Fuchsia Washington Centennial, from Everlasting Farm.

Salvia sp, 'Hot Lips', from Everlasting Farm.

Purple Passion Gynura aurantiaca, from Everlasting Farm.

Lemon yellow hollyhocks from Snakeroot Organic Farm. Grown from our own seed.

Calibrachoa from Moose Crossing Garden Center.

Million Bells from the Foss Farm.

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